I'm Naldela. Welcome to my place on the Internet. Here I write down, for those who are interested, my adventures but also show pictures from artists like Amionna, Lacrima or esia. I have listed more artists on the copyright page.

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[Spoiler] Flamerule 5, 1361DR

[…] I was just sitting at the table, a young Tiefling with a tight top and a small brown jacket jumped around me, whose energy seemed to be endless and didn't even let me answer…

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Flamerule 5, 1361 DR

After what felt like an eternal march to the east, I finally reached ›Ramshorn‹ in the early morning hours, a city that was already visible on the horizon a day...
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Kythorn 3, 1361 DR

When I arrived in ›Cesterfield‹, I booked a room at ›The Guardsman‹ and threw the bag I had wrapped this disgusting Minion in into a corner. The last days he ha...
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Mirtul 1, 1361 DR

It took me a few moons to follow the tracks they left behind. At least the Tiefling didn't make much effort. There were wanted poster of him in every major city...
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