Miara Zolia Teleyal

Miara, unlike Naldela, had very few magical abilities. Cadran and Faral didn't consider the ability to make trees grow at increased speed and the fruits of the fields blossom early to be abilities suitable for combat. It wasn't until their farm was attacked by other Drow that Faral understood that she could use the earth for more than just plowing fields.

Contrary to her magical abilities, she couldn't hide her grudge against her own people, the Drow, although her fire-red eyes and dark grey skin make her look more like the Drow than her sister and she wasn't as exposed to their harassment.

Since Miara didn't enjoy any training, she looked for a sword master in her new home country, who trained her despite her origin. Besides her weapon choice of one-handed sword and shield she also uses her innate earth magic for e.g. earth ramparts or additional body armour.


If I had to describe her personality in a song, Through the Darkness by Audiomachine would fit best.
It starts quietly, matching the life in the shadow of Naldela, and becomes dynamic and offensive after the short, quiet component.

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