The equipment

The shield

The shield was forged from different metals. Besides traces of Mithril, as you can find in her dagger, you can also find simple steel but also Obsidian. Despite this mixture the shield is still very robust, but also very heavy due to the steel and Obsidian content.

Under heavy attack she can ram the shield into the ground and strengthen it with earth magic or even form a complete stone wall around herself. Under this stone wall, the shield can even withstand heavy bombardment from magical bullets.

The shield is equipped with a rune, which makes it unbearably heavy if someone other than the owner tries to lift it. Another rune allows the carrier to see through the gems when protection is sought behind the shield.

The sword

Forged from pure matt obsidian, this one-handed sword is heavier than it looks. Therefore Miara always drags it lightly with the tip over the ground. By using obsidian the sword could not be sharpened very sharply, but due to the force it achieves by its weight, it easily causes severe injuries.
During fight Miara likes to lift stones with her sword out of the ground to smash them against the opponent.

Since Miara has invested her remaining belongings in this sword, she never lets it out of her sight and even takes it to bed with her.