The Equipment

The Staff

Naldela's main weapon is her battle staff. With a length of almost 4ft 7in, it's more a short staff, which proves to be useful in close combat due to the blade at the lower end.
In order to use the staff to its full extent, it needs to be attuned to the carrier. After tuning in, only direct descendants can carry the staff, but must be tuned in to unfold its full potential. In the event of the owner's death, the staff can only be tuned to someone by blood relatives.
As soon as the owner takes the staff in his hand, he charges himself completely, which becomes visible by a glow of the crystal at the tip. When the staff is charged, it can only be touched by a blood relative. For others, the shock may be painful, but not fatal. Stowed away in the shaft, it takes a few minutes to unload again.

The origin of the staff is unknown and has been in the hands of the female magicians of the Ra Baivneth family for 14 generations. He always proved to be quite idiosyncratic in attuning himself to a new carrier and did not accept everyone.

The Dagger

The dagger was forged by a dwarf named Galder, at the request of Naldela's father Cadran Teleyal, in 1310 DR with the finest Mithril, which he had collected on his way to the underworld. The family rune was later burnt and enchanted by Faral. So he takes over the magic of the wearer, which charges him electrically in the hands of Naldela, at Faral the blade burned and in the hands of Miara he protected the forearm in a stone wall. The rune also ensures that, similar to the staff, the dagger can only be touched by blood relatives. If someone else picks it up, the rune glows red and burns the hand.

The use of Mithril makes it light as a feather and the high-quality leather on the handle allows it to lie comfortably in the hand. The blacksmith has forged the sharp side of the blade so thin that even bones should not be a problem.

Naldela is determined to take the tradition from the staff to the dagger and only pass it on to descendants.

The Orb

A glove-like, flat crystal that is attached to the back of the hand with a loop around the middle finger and a band around the wrist and serves as a magic focus. Due to its small size, however, it can only be bound to a small number of spells. Many magicians bind spells such as fireball or storm on the crystal to not be completely defenceless in an emergency. Bound to a staff, the mage can use it to call his staff to him.

Naldela created this glove, as her first magical object, after she lost her staff several times in battle. Because of her little knowledge about enchanting crystals she overdid herself during the creation and lay unconscious in her room for 2 days. In the beginning the crystal could only retrieve the staff, before she was later able to anchor a second ability into the crystal. Since the Glove is bound to the staff, it also took over the properties, such as the fact that it only works if it is worn by someone of the same bloodline.

Tear of the virgin (Potion)

A potion that is mainly used to prevent or terminate unwanted pregnancies. However, it can also lead to infertility in male individuals, which is why some Drow houses use it to keep their men submissive. The recipe for the potion is passed on to female members within a house.

Because of the stories about raping humans that Naldela heard in school, she always carries a bottle with her. She hopes that she will never need it, but thinks "Better to have a bottle and not need it than need one and not have it".