Characterlore Final Fantasy XIV


Full Name: Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal
Born: 21.03. 6E 1472
Place of birth: Ishgard
Occupation: Tailor
Mother: Faral'Ra Teleyal born Reloth (Born: 30.06. 6E 1100, Deceased: 6E 1562)
Father: Morgyn Teleyal (Born: 17.09. 6E 1422, Deceased: 11.02. 6E 1506)

  • Colors:
    • Black
    • violet
    • steel blue
  • Food:
    • Fish
    • chili
  • Drink:
    • tea
    • Wine
  • Animals:
    • Chocobo
  • Plant: Night Fury
  • Old books
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • wasps


  • Naive
  • Thoughtful
  • Logical
  • Loyal
  • Quiet
  • Shy

Other skills

Tailoring - her robes and dresses are very often made by herself
Alchemy - Little knowledge of alchemy

  • Very analytical
  • Naive
  • Can't express himself very well sometimes
  • Slightly misanthropic
  • 2 - 3 vials of "Tear of the Virgin."
  • dressing material (compresses, dressings, disinfectants)



Faral'Ra Teleyal, née Reloth, was a renowned alchemist and alchemy teacher at Reloth. She stood out for her calm and concentrated way of working and her determination in her professional career.
Through her decision to marry a Hyuran, marriage 7.4. 6E 1451, she was guilty of betrayal of her own people and banished.


Morgyn Teleyal, Hyuran archaeologist, traveled 6E 1447 to Ishgard to study the culture and teachings of the Dark Albs when he met Faral.
He came from a modest home and was quite unknown. With his new knowledge about the Dark Albs he originally wanted to gain more prestige among his people, but never returned home.
Morgyn, after the announcement of Faral's pregnancy 6E 1471, built a Chocobo farm near Gridania.
He died 11.02.1506 6E in the circle of the family in old age.

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