I'm Naldela. Welcome to my place on the Internet. Here I write down, for those who are interested, my adventures but also show pictures from artists like Amionna, IndiCreates, esia or maiderbee. I have listed more artists on the copyright page.

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[Spoiler] Some days before the soiree

As I pressed myself against the window to take a closer look at the dress, someone patted me on the shoulder. A young man, apparently a human being, with bright blue eyes looked at…

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Alturiak 20, 1361 DR

The longer I lay around, the more my resentment rose against those who did this to me. If only Miara were here. She would make short work of those, just like sh...
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Alturiak 15, 1361 DR  18+ content

I had been lying in this bed for several days, mostly unconscious or lethargic, and was always woken by a furry little quadruped that always chasing Nimri acros...
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Alturiak 10, 1361 DR

»Your damned messenger has surely gotten lost« the Tiefling shouted to Tarlyn, »The Drow costs us nothing but food and patience. She is rebellious, uncooperativ...
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