I'm Naldela. Welcome to my place on the Internet. Here I write down, for those who are interested, my adventures but also show pictures from artists like Amionna, IndiCreates, esia or maiderbee. I have listed more artists on the copyright page.

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[References] Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal

I've collected all references of my OC Naldela. Most ppl don't need them, but I think, it's much more easy for all the artists I commission.
References for my other OCs will…

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Nightal 8, 1360 DR

We had been back in the village for some time and apparently I gained the trust of many a person after I brought the child back. Even the child still followed m...
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Uktar 22, 1360 DR

It took us 2 days to get out of the vaults when the child suddenly collapsed from exhaustion. I wrapped her in my cape and lifted her onto my back. We had to fi...
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Uktar 20, 1360 DR

When I woke up again, Nimri licked my face with his unusually long tongue. I wonder how long I was unconscious. The fish, wherever Nimri had got it from, lying...
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