I'm Naldela. Welcome to my place on the Internet. Here I write down, for those who are interested, my adventures but also show pictures from artists like Amionna, IndiCreates, esia or maiderbee. I have listed more artists on the copyright page.

Latest posts

Uktar 20, 1360 DR

When I woke up again, Nimri licked my face with his unusually long tongue. I wonder how long I was unconscious. The fish, wherever Nimri had got it from, lying next to me, to judge, not just a few hours. I pulled myself up... [Read more]

Uktar 18, 1360 DR

I now felt like I was on the road for an eternity. But as my gold was running out, I was lucky to find in a small village a client who sent me on a search for a missing child. The child had gone... [Read more]

Eleasis 21, 1360 DR

I spent the last weeks taking small jobs in the village, which I found at the wall by the swamp. Lower level jobs where I didn't have much to do with the mob. As it turned out, the people here didn't want to be... [Read more]