Date: Kythorn 12, 1360 DR

The last few months have passed quietly. Mother says this is the calm before the storm and we should be prepared for everything. For this reason she also gave me the family dagger. "Always have it ready to hand. Even at night" she demanded when she handed it over to me.

On the night of the 13th day she hectically woke us up: "Get into your war clothes and grab your weapons!" she just shouted and disappeared again on the ground floor. The war robe? I wore it only once and then only so that Mother would see that it fit me.

As soon as Miara and I were laced up, a horn sounded, not far from our property. "Is that the sound of a war horn?" I asked Miara, who answered me with a trembling voice: "I have no idea. I hope not". We grabbed our weapons and went to our mother, who was already waiting for us outside the door. "They come from the hill there," she pointed to a small hill which it glowed up reddish. "This is the storm" she explained calmly, as if she had expected it. I wonder what's coming towards us.

It didn't take long until the first flag bearers could be seen. The flags of the Mallagea, Mybus Larco and Bigot'Tong. Why wasn't I surprised? What surprised me, however, was that they apparently called together a whole regiment. For two and a half magicians. When they were only a few hundred feet away from our property, a Drow on a lizard approached us while the rest waited. It was Maris Nyr, the leader of the Mybus Larco guild, riding directly towards my mother. "Isn't it enough?" my mother asked with a calm voice, while I held my staff slightly trembling. "We really tried to integrate you and your tala waess. But you had to kill everyone who tried to help you" "So you call the spreading of falsehoods and discredit an attempt of integration? How limited do you have to be in your mind to believe that?" Maris Nyr only slightly pulled his face and rode back to the group.

At the group he pulled his staff from his back and threw a fireball while he turns with his lizard in our direction. At the same moment the pack started moving with a roar. In contrast to Miara and mother I was undecided what I should do. While mother conjured up a shield, Miara made the earth tremble, which upset some of them. When the fireball struck the shield, I was shocked briefly, then took courage and summoned some lightning bullets, big enough to paralyze some of the attackers and throw them to the ground. "Miara, stone wall" mother called over to sister. Determined, Miara rammed her hands into the ground and created an 8 foot high and 20 foot wide stone wall between the attackers and us. "Naldela, now" I got to hear as mother began to put pressure on the wall with a storm. I didn't try to think for long and did the same as my mother until the stones fell thunderously over the enemy. That we were spared the hail of arrows and the fireballs was due to the quick reactions of mother. She always managed to summon shields at the right moments. But it came as it had to come. Some of the fighters came through to us, despite the obstacles that we put in their way.

Mother implored a huge shield that locked us three, as well as a portal behind Miara that pulled her right in. "Run" she gasped exhausted. "I can't hold both for long" she shouted in my direction. The pull of the portal also caught me and slowly pulled me in. "What about you?" - "Don't worry about me" and just at the moment when the pull of the portal completely caught me, mother's shield collapsed and before I disappeared completely into the portal, I saw a blade piercing my mother.

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