Date: Uktar 22, 1360 DR

It took us 2 days to get out of the vaults when the child suddenly collapsed from exhaustion. I wrapped her in my cape and lifted her onto my back. We had to find a shelter, because even though I'm an elementalist, the natural cold is very hard for me too.

Just before sunrise we found a small, seemingly abandoned house with a fireplace. Completely frozen we broke into the house with the help of Nimri and thanks to Lolth there was also dry firewood next to the fireplace, which I lit directly.

After a few hours we were both thawed out and it took some time until I could calm the child down again and convince her that I really only wanted to help her, not to mention until she finally ate something. Against all expectations Nimri, unlike me, seemed to get along well with children, because somehow he managed to make the little girl smile now and then, even when the wind was shaking the shutters of the windows.

At noon we were woken by dull knocks on the door. Quickly the child was hiding in a wardrobe and I positioned myself with my staff next to the door, which also gave way shortly afterwards and flew off its hinges. »Please not the ghoul, please not the ghoul« I hoped quietly, before a two meter tall mountain of meat in heavy armour and a claymore man entered the house with a roar. But before I could cast a spell, a shield hit me and threw my head against the wall.

When I regained consciousness, I was standing in a partially destroyed house in front of three people lying unconscious in front of me. »By Lolth?« was all I could get out when suddenly the kid grabbed my hip. Quite excitedly she told me about that suddenly my eyes started to glow and a storm directly in the house made it go very fast to hit the three attackers to the ground. I had been trying to control this state for years and I thought I had finally made it. »Vith« I cursed, hoping the child did not understand the language. But she did not seem to be afraid of me, but it felt more like admiration for whatever reason. »Come, we must go on« I asked the child and threw my cloak around her again »It shouldn't be much further to the village«

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