Date: Kythorn 13, 1360 DR

I woke up with a headache in a small cave. Apparently a dead end. From the open end of the cave it shimmered in a warm yellow light. "By Lolth, where did I end up here?" I whispered in a soliloquy. When I leaned down to get back on my feet, a stabbing pain forced me to ground again. An arrow apparently caught me on my arm when I was pulled into the portal. He not only ruined the leather, but also left behind a painful, deep cut. I provisionally bandaged the wound, straightened up and magically stowed my staff on my back, as mother taught me. I called "Miara" into the cave, but received no answer except an echo. Since there was no other way, I followed the tunnel towards the light.

The closer I came to the light, the brighter it shone. At some point the light was so bright that it burned in my eyes and I could only have gone on with my eyes closed. I withdrew into the cave and looked away for another one. But there seemed to be none. "What am I doing now?" I spoke slightly desperate to myself as I looked around. I tore a strip of thin cloth from my cape and blindfolded it. "Nothing helps. I have to get out of there" and with these words I walked towards the light again. The fabric was thick enough so that the bright light would not burn my eyes, but thin enough that I could see through it. "I ... I am at the surface" I thought perplexed. I pulled the half mask over my nose and wrapped my cape around me, so that only little of my grey skin was visible and made me on the way.

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