Date: Kythorn 14, 1360 DR

For a few hours I just moved out straight so that I could find my way back to the cave. As the hunger slowly began to manifest, it began to get so dark that I couldn't see through the blindfold. I gently lifted it and looked around, "It's a good thing I didn't truant the lesson 'The Surface' at school" I mumbled softly as I completely wiped off the blindfold. I looked up and spoke "A real star sky" to myself with enthusiasm. However, the rumbling of my stomach brought me back to my senses. I pulled out my dagger and went off the beaten path in the hope of being able to hunt something down.

It took hours, but I could kill a small animal and collect enough firewood for a small camp. As I sat there and looked at the fire as if spellbound, I thought about what had happened. Where was Miara? Did she also land on the surface, like me? I have to find her. She is the only one I have left.

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