Date: Marpenoth 23, 1359 DR

The stone is getting colder and I am looking forward to the theoretical class, because meanwhile I have pulverized the third mannequin and even if my mother seemed to be proud of me, she drives me further as if I was a useless golem.

After the ashes of the training dummy collapsed, she stood in front of me, ready to fight. I asked her, "What's this going to be," but she only tilted her head slightly and swung her staff, from which a spherical lightning came at me, which I could only barely avoid. "Do you want to kill me?" I shouted at her. "A doll is a too easy target. You should practice with someone who can defend himself" she replied calmly and already hurled another bullet at me. Unfortunately I could not avoid this time and she caught me at my arm. Determined, despite the pain, I pushed the lower end of the stick to the ground. The resulting sparks spread into a two-metre-wide carpet of lightning that moved towards my mother. At the same time I followed him and pulled out my staff to strike a blow.

When I came to myself again, I lay in the dirt. "What happened?" I whispered as I pulled myself together again. "You have forgotten your cover yourself" my mother warned me as she pushed her staff into my ribs. "Again" she demanded.

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