Date: Nightal 31, 1359 DR

The cycle is drawing to a close. From the direction of the city one could already hear the celebrations, partly even see them. Mother always looked forward to the "event" in a relaxed manner. On this day we always had a mushroom soup, decorated with a Bigwig, and a good Gorgondy wine or, if she got through to one of her friends among the dwarves, Samman.

Usually such evenings are always quiet, but the five drunks who roared towards our property seemed to mean more trouble. Mother gave me her stave. A real magician focus. Even though we were getting angrier, I still seemed to smile. When I touched the stave, I felt its power flowing through me. I felt as if I could crush stone. When the figures were close enough, the first bottle of Ale flew towards Miara and smashed next to her on a stone. "Well, who have we here?" grunted one of the Drow. "The outcast with her two abnormalities. There were almost three of them, weren't there?" whereupon he laughed gloatingly and the others pulled their daggers. Mother immediately took up fighting position and held the dagger ready, which father, on his way to the Underdark, got forged by the dwarves. "You'd better leave before I water our vegetables with your blood" she warned the figures, who obviously didn't seem intimidated. "What do you want to do, love?" one of the Drow asked, who was apparently the leader and so close to her that he held his dagger to her neck. Apparently he hadn't noticed that mother had already placed her dagger in his crotch. "She replied calmly and pressed the dagger more firmly into his crotch. While he laughed, the one who threw the bottle at Miara approached me. "With your black eyes you could almost scare me" he grinned stupidly and carved a hole in my top. "Leave her alone" Miara screamed as she rammed her fists into the ground. From her fists one could perceive a quake before two massive stones came out of the ground and flew towards the two stinking Drow. Mother's Drow could barely avoid the stone, but his colleague was not so lucky and fell down unconscious on the ground. While I looked astonished at Miara, mother took the opportunity and cut the Drow's throat. Two of the three others seemed to think that the effort was no longer worth it and fled, while the last one screamed at Mother. I didn't think any further and hurled a bolt of bullet lightning at the Drow, which made him tremble and go to the ground. After Mother rammed the dagger into the trembling Drow's skull on the floor, she threw it at me and said, "Finish it and get rid of the bodies", she ordered to me and looked at Miara, "Miara, we have to talk!

While mother and sister disappeared in the house, my gaze wavered between the dagger and the unconscious Drow at my feet. I was unsure if I could do it, but I knelt down next to him and hesitantly put on the dagger. "You can do it" I whispered quietly to myself, closed my eyes and ... stabbed.

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