Date: Hammer 7, 1360 DR

Just as I was going through some new movements with Mother, a voice rang out behind us. A deep, feminine voice. Mother seemed to know who she was, because she put a hand directly on the dagger on her belt. When we turned to the voice, I recognized her as well. Lysha Backdorn. A narcissistic sociopathic leader and teacher of the Magician Academy called Mallagea, which is more than obviously an indoctrinative training centre for assassins. And she wasn't alone either. A few feet behind her a group of different cultures gathered. Dwarves with battle hammers, Drow with magic staff and some elves with shield and sword. At first sight I couldn't see how many there are, but I could spot some banners of the Mybus Larco and Bigot'Fong. Apparently Lysha doesn't want to burn her own apprentices, so she brought her allies with. However, they didn't seem to be very battle experienced. Many of them looks nervous and insecure.

Since I refused her invitation to the academy, she seemed very eager to maltreat the Teleyal family's reputation and apparently found favour with the simplicity of naive, meaningless groups. "Why haven't three of my scouts returned?" Lysha asked slightly angry, whereupon mother quietly replied "And why do you think you know that I know?" "Because they were here" it came demanding. "And why do you send scouts to my property?" wipes mother out. Obviously that wasn't the answer Lysha wanted to hear, because she took a big step back and gave a signal to the mob with her left hand, whereupon the dwarves started attacking us with a battle cry. Mother didn't hesitate for long and with a few hand movements she pulled the dagger from the belt and created a magic shield which protected us from the fireballs of the magicians. After a moment's hesitation, I swung mother's staff as she taught me and threw a large ball of energy at the dwarves, who trembled and fell to the ground. Meanwhile Lysha seemed to have retreated to the magicians. "Don't get your hands dirty yourself" mother mumbled and tried to come after her. After a few steps lightning seemed to form around her and all of a sudden she stood behind Lysha, past the wall of the rather small mages. Mother didn't hesitate long and rammed the dagger through Lysha's neck into her head. "You defamed our family the last time and your lying sociopaths, whom you call friends, are the next!" their determined voice was heard through the mob, whereupon the magicians turned around in surprise. Before they could swing their staffs, I remembered the carpet of lightning I had accidentally conjured up a few weeks ago and rammed the end of my staff into the floor, whereupon the spectacle repeated itself and shocked the magicians. The fact that Lysha was bleeding out of his mouth, kneeling in front of mother, and that the magicians were unable to fight seemed to doubt the Elven Archers and to take a few steps back. Mother still held Lysha on her knees and looked at the freshmen. "If you're smart, don't let yourself be taken in by such lower personalities. Make up your own mind instead of going blind in a war you have absolutely nothing to do with," mother taught the clearly intimidated followers. I think they heard the words, but for fear of ending up as outcasts, like us, they will continue to maintain their weak-willed, reprehensible personality and continue to play the perfidious games of the Academy. Mother pulled the dagger out of Lyshas head and let the body fall to the ground. "Run before we change our minds and kill you instead of stupefying you" she demanded and put a kick in the dead body in front of her "And take your trash with you".

So we let them collect the bodys and disappear in peace. "How did you do that?" I asked Mother, "That was impressive" I continued enthusiastically "Do you really think you are ready for this?" Why did she always think that I was not ready? "Why shouldn't I?" I asked her confidently. "Well then. We'll start training tomorrow, but now you're going to bandage my wound. One of the archers caught me in the arm."

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