Date: Flamerule 13, 1360 DR

I lost Miaras tracks on a small river, but my new little friend, who obviously listened to Nimri, seemed to have a direction in sight. He led me to a small clearing with a lake, trees full of fruit and game, which looked particularly tasty.

I put down my backpack, pulled out my dagger and stalked towards one of the deer, while Nimri made himself comfortable in my backpack. But before I got close enough to the deer, it rushed between the trees, a huge deer jumped out and spurred towards me. "By Lloth, what's ..." and before I could even finish my sentence, the antlers caught me and threw me hundreds of feet away. I picked myself up and pulled my staff, but the deer caught me again and threw me into the water. Now I had not only lost the dagger but also the staff. When I tried to straighten up again I saw Nimri trying to bring me my dagger. He had his tongue wrapped around the handle and stumbled backwards towards me. The little worm was almost trampled by the huge deer when it stormed towards me again. But this time I was able to avoid the deer with the trick I learned mother. I clearly have to practice this storm ride more, because I didn't really get far, but it was enough to reach my dagger and face the deer again. He was already standing before me. His skull, almost bigger than me, and with angry blinking eyes it stared at me as if it was waiting to see what I would do now.
I moved aside and grabbed the antlers with one hand. The deer's shaking head gave me the momentum I needed to swing under the antlers and sit on its neck. I got caught in the fur and was about to stab the dagger into his neck when the deer rammed a tree and threw me against the trunk. I straightened up again and shook my head slightly dazed. The cattle had joined the other deer, looked at me briefly and then disappeared with the herd into the forest. After I collected my things and limped back to the backpack, I saw that Nimri had made himself comfortable with a few flies and insects on my backpack "Well at least you got your meat".

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