Date: Flamerule 5, 1360 DR

Hoping for late risers in the academy, we left very early. We were lucky because even the guards seemed to be asleep and we could quickly find a gap through which we could slip in.

We sneaked through the corridors and found the wannabe Drow Barmaeril Bimrassar on the first floor. A pale Overworldelf who made a deal with the academy a few cycles ago, through which she could walk in and out of a Drow facility as if she were one herself. If one looked up her in the dictionary, he would find her under Opportunist. But she seemed to overestimate her own abilities, because Miara already stood behind her and rammed her dagger into the skull of the Magisters.

Arriving on the second floor, we could see light shining from different rooms. "How do we know who is in which room?" I asked Miara quietly, to which she only replied ice-coldly, "I don't care. I say we slaughter them all!" I looked at Miara in surprise. Room by room we left. Miara left, me right, but so far no sign of the Zarethi, of whom Miara was convinced that they were behind the whole intrigue. Looks like they probably found themselves too formidable to live with the common rabble. We searched for a while until we found a door behind a 7-foot statue through which we entered a new wing of the building. A huge wing, decorated with gold, whose value could only be estimated. "By Eilistraee. How puny must their self-esteem be that they have to compensate for it?" I asked myself while admiring the golden masonry. Miara quietly demanded "Continue". We crept to a giant, gold-plated double door that opened more easily than it looked. The sleeping chamber was splendidly furnished. Next to the huge canopy bed, of course decorated with gold, there was a bathtub, a very well equipped dressing table and a huge divan. "Seems to be more than just worthwhile as a hypocrite" Miara replied coldly as we approached the bed with the daggers ready.

There they were. Mister and Miss Narcissus. I could look Methyra straight in the face as I squatted next to the bed. Somehow she looked peaceful. When she suddenly opened her eyes and her mouth to scream, I rammed the dagger between her eyes in reflex. Miara looked up briefly, but did not torch for long and did the same with Meloth. "Now get out of here before the guards pass by with their round." On the way out, we had to bypass some guards. Obviously, their routes were shorter than expected, because they were already looking for us.

We just got off the premises unseen. When we reached our old property, we unmasked ourself. Miara quickly started to make a fire and cook. "What do we do now?" I asked her. "I don't know what you're doing, but I'm going back to the surface. There is nothing here but misery and suffering. On my way here I met a group of mercenaries whom I will join" she replied resolutely. There's nothing left here but hypocrisy, envy and death. Is that different on the surface? I was unsure, at least the people up there don't seem to be very friendly to Drow. But maybe more friendly than the most Drow down here?

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