Date: Flamerule 9, 1360 DR

Miara set off again the same night. Uncertain if I will ever see her again. But I stayed a few days longer, cleared away the rubble, covered the graves with stones and put fresh nightshade on them. "F'sarn taudl, ilhar. Usstan'bal ori'gato dos harl." I spoke quietly to my mother's grave and could not help but shed a few tears.
While packing a lot of old wooden boxes into my fingers, which survived the fire. When I opened it I saw mother's jewellery. "Some of it must be worth a fortune" I said quietly while gently stroking the jewellery. When the earrings caught my eye, I couldn't help but put them on. After a few hundred feet I looked back again and looked at the property. There, where I grew up, were beside 2 graves only rubble and ashes, because it could not bear so some that someone can be lucky, than she herself. I sighed quietly and continued to follow Miaras tracks to the surface.

Shortly before the exit I was thrown with small stones, but at first sight I couldn't see anybody and moved further towards the exit. But there came more little stones flown. No big ones and they didn't seem to be aimed, but definitely in my direction. I took out my staff and looked around. Then on a hill I saw a small animal, which still shot the little stones after me. I loaded up my staff and put it on the thing. "If you don't stop, you'll be my next meal" I warned, and then it stopped and stared at me with huge eyes, suddenly running at me and stopping in front of me. I tilted my head slightly as I stowed my staff and bent down to the little one. "Up there you looked much bigger" I said to the little being. A hand-sized, blue creature with a white belly, huge eyes and a tongue hanging out. It is very similar to a salamander, but it would be too big for that. But too small for a lizard. "What kind of thing are you?" I asked, although I knew I couldn't expect an answer. When I approached him with one finger, he grabbed him and nibbled on it. I asked "You must be hungry" while I fingered with the other hand for a piece of bread from my pocket and held it out to him. It jumped at it as if it hadn't had anything between its cheeks for days. I gave him some more bread and moved on towards the exit, but the little thing followed me. With the bread in between his cheeks, it staggered after me and stumbled over every stone in the way. I bent down to him again and held my hand to him, "Would you like to come with me?"

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