Date: Kythorn 27, 1360 DR

For days I have been waking up from these nightmares, bathed in sweat, in which I have again the pictures in front of my eyes of a sword piercing my mother. The small tavern in which I settled today was very lean compared to another one. No bath, bad service and pushy, drunken men.

I pulled a small picture out of my pocket. My mother hired an artist named Maider to create it. It showed my father as well as my mother, who held me in her arms at the age of 8 months. In the picture she looks so carefree, happy and, above all, very much in love. Since the death of my father I had never seen her like that again. I sighed softly before putting the picture back again.

"I have to go back to the Underdark. Miara will probably also be on her way there. I probably won't find her up here" I whispered quietly. But where did I find an entrance? I fingered a map out of my pocket and looked for the next mountain. I think father once mentioned that he found most of the entrances at the feet of mountains. I didn't have to search long either. The next mountain was maybe 3 days marches from here.

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