Commissionable and trustful artists

With the mass of artists you can find on DevianArt, Twitter, ArtStation, Instagram and Co. it is not easy to find the right artist for your character.
Therefore I would like to give you a small list of artists with whom I have had very good experiences and I'll commission again and again. Please pay attention to the conditions of the artists!

If you use Twitter, you can also check out and subscribe to my list about trustworthy artists there. In this I also list those artists with whom I have very good experiences, but not so close contact as with the following.


Amionna is a wonderful artist and personality. Her artwork has a touch of World of Warcraft, but that's very much part of their charm. Her work is more than professional and leaves nothing to be desired. You always get a sketch first and when you confirm it, the bill. She regularly informs you about the current status of the commission and responds well thought to requests for changes while the process.
Payment is 100% in advance and before you start whining that you don't want to pay until you have results, please remember that you also want to be paid for your work, and art is work!
Amionna offers a clearly arranged homepage where you can see their prices for different jobs. You can find her on Twitter at @Ami_onna, where she has also noted in her description whether she is taking orders or not.

Amionna speaks Russian and English.


Aunyx is a great artist with a beautiful anime style. Her art is characterized by the fact that they usually radiate a cheerful mood, even when she publishes e.g. her character Lopi with a bazooka. Her style is, at least in my eyes, unique and lovingly designed.
She always offers a price list in an attached tweet on Twitter. When you commission her, you will get regular reports how far she is at the moment and allows you to make changes and when she finished, you'll have a well designed, beautiful, lovely masterpiece of your character.

Aunyx speaks only English.


Esia is fantastic and with a lot of enthusiasm. She draws a lot in the World of Warcraft universe, but she takes on the challenges when you have your characters in other universes. Her drawings are very dynamic and sometimes emotional, as you can see for example in the commission of her from me. Even though she sometimes appears absent on Twitter, she's best reached via Twitter, email and Discord. Order details can be viewed via a Google Docs document provided by her.

Esia speaks Russian and English.


Maiderbee is an artist who works both digitally and traditionally. In her work you can see a lot of passion, emotions and love for detail. From her is the family portrait of my OC Naldela as a baby with her parents Faral and Cadran, which is not just a simple family portrait for me, but shows the 3 of them at a quiet, romantic and peaceful time in a family situation. If you follow my journal about the adventures, you know that such moments are very rare. She's able to do traditional as well as digital art but for the moment (08/13/2020) she does only do traditional.
Maiderbee is very active on Twitter and offer additional links on an attached tweet.

Maiderbee speaks Spanish and English.


Galder is one of the few artists on whose discord I also stay and actively fill with content. Besides the possibility to commission him, he is very active on DeviantArt and Twitter and also publishes a mini-game on DeviantArt known as Brigade, which can motivate someone to share his tweets etc. again. Galder works very precisely and pays a lot of attention to details. Once you have commissioned him, you can rely on regular updates and good cooperation, so that everyone will be satisfied with the work.

Galder speaks Finnish, English, Swedish and Czech.


IndiCreates convinces with a unique and dynamic drawing style and many details. The communication is unprecedented and very professional. Many artists like to lose their feet when they have a certain number of followers on Twitter and supporters on Patreon, but not IndiCreates. Despite her 15k followers on Twitter she takes her time and tries to communicate with everyone who shows interest in her art and reacts to her posts. On her very clear website you can find all information about the possibilities to hire her.

IndiCreates speaks German and English.


A very young artist with great potential. Her art is characterized by much dynamism, feeling and depth. Her communication with the client is impeccable and she sends updates at regular intervals. She is one of the few artists for whom I do not look long after the price. However, if you want to have a look at her prices first, you can find them on her clearly structured website where you can also see very good examples of her work. More examples can be found on her Twitter or on the other platforms she has linked in the footer of her website.

Nalou speaks German and English.


The industrious little bee does not only make colorful art, but also takes a lot of time for videos on YouTube and on Twitter she often recommends other artists. An unprecedented level of social interaction, which also affects communication with commissioner. The most striking feature of her personality is her patience and understanding. She maintains her price list and current order list via Trello.

Lacrima speaks German and English.

Jane aka Artelsia

Jane impresses with a great mix of anime and semi realistic. She is amiably communicative and brings some emphatic skills with her, which are reflected in her art.
She uses 2 accounts (@artelsia_comm and @artelsia) on Twitter to separate her commissions from the usual Twitter usage. This makes it much easier to see when she is taking commissions again, but it's definitely worth following both accounts. A picture gallery with her work can be found on her Artstation page.

Jane speaks Korean and English

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