The texts written by me are available at CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. The use of the texts, in parts or as a whole, on other platforms is only permitted under the naming, optimally with linking, of the original author. The copyright for the character names, specifications and character sheets of my characters is owned by me. Their use for other characters or stories is not allowed, unless you have my permission! The use of the names, as well as clear variations, is not permitted in any case if they are intended to harm my characters or me.

The artists

The copyright ...

  • ... for the sexy Naldela in forest and sleeping Naldela illustration belongs to Amionna [Main illustrator for Naldela since April 2020]
  • ... for the Chibi pictures belongs to Mischi Art
  • ... for the equipment pictures, as they are used e.g. on the equipment page, is with Galder
  • ... for the family portrait belongs to Maiderbee
  • ... for the violet Naldela illustration belongs to IndiCreates
  • ... for the anime style Naldela, e.g. used at the startpage, belongs to Aunyea Nobles
  • ... of the Nimri portrait in the website banner belongs to Aunyea Nobles
  • ... for the small bleb, named as Nimri, e.g. shown at Flamerule 9, belongs to IndiCreates
  • ... for the anime style Naldela, holding the 403 or 404 sign, belongs to Riviaz
  • ... of the pictures with the 3D-Model of Naldela belongs to Alfiriel from
  • ... for the Miara portrait belongs to Nebura
  • ... for the Naldela sketch portrait belongs to Nalou
  • ... for the Naldela Portrait (Naldela-Portrait-ViiMorte.jpg) belongs to ViiMorte
  • ... for the mysterious house and many other landscape draws belongs to Waltjan
  • ... of the Naldela portrait in fighting position belongs to Esia

Editing the images is not permitted. The use of the pictures on other platforms is prohibited, if not done by the artist himself or the permission of the artist and myself is in written form! Further license conditions are to be inquired with the respective artists/authors themselves!

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