Facts and Spoiler

With "Facts and Spoiler" I want to give you more view into, on what I'm working on and facts, that aren't written down yet, like facts about the characters height, weight, and so on or spoilers for the next chapter of Naldelas adventures I'm writing on.
This category will be served directly from my notes I write on notes.bka.li.

[Spoiler] Some days before the soiree

As I pressed myself against the window to take a closer look at the dress, someone patted me on the shoulder. A young man, apparently a human being, with bright blue eyes looked at…

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[Spoiler] Day of the soiree

> Nervously I slipped into the dress a messenger brought me a few days ago. I still could not believe that he gave me this dress. Flushed I tried to ignore the whistle and comments…

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[Spoiler] Alturiak 10, 1361 DR

Before I publish the entry tomorrow, I want to spoiler a bit more about it. ��

[…] I could hardly keep my eyes open and fell asleep briefly every now and then, but the spikes…

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