Facts and Spoiler

With "Facts and Spoiler" I want to give you more view into, on what I'm working on and facts, that aren't written down yet, like facts about the characters height, weight, and so on or spoilers for the next chapter of Naldelas adventures I'm writing on.
This category will be served directly from my notes I write on notes.bka.li.

[References] Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal

I've collected all references of my OC Naldela. Most ppl don't need them, but I think, it's much more easy for all the artists I commission.
References for my other OCs will…

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[Spoiler] In the first half of 1361DR

My rescuer brought me to a young woman who took care of me in an unprecedented way, although I am a Drow. The last I heard from him was ┬╗Please take very good care of her, little…

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[Spoiler] The Soiree (Pub date: unknown, yet)

I slowly crept through the crowd and stood at the edge of the dance floor. While I paid attention to the dancers as they moved to the music, I waited for my companion. The one whose…

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