Date: Kythorn 18, 1360 DR

:: 2 minutes, 5 seconds

To spare my eyes, I only travelled at night. I hoped to find a nearby village where I could get supplies and ask for Miara, but except for a few small farms, I only found a small trail I followed.
After hours of marching I finally arrived in a small village in the early morning hours. "I needed a shelter before the sun rose" I said to myself and looked around until I discovered a building with a jug on its sign. This must be a tavern, I thought to myself and headed towards it. Before I even reached the door, I saw another building with a picture of a needle and thread. A tailor's shop? That would be perfect, then I could also repair the crack in my armor.

When I opened the door to the tavern, the pale smell of bad ale and the stench of rotting corpses immediately came towards me. I was unsure whether it would not be better to look for a cave in the forest, but a real bed would be a pleasure. So I faced the noise and carefully braved between the visibly drunk to that, I hoped, who could give me a room. I literally felt some glances following me. I approached the bearded man behind the bar and asked for a room. He wanted 2.5 gold pieces for it. Hopefully there will be at least one meal for it. When I took off the gloves in order to be able to reach for the coins better, suddenly a lady present shouted "A Drow". Hectically I turned around to watch the reaction of the tavern visitors. Many of the women ran away in panic and the few men who could still hold a sword grabbed it. "I don't want any trouble" I replied to the two swordtails. "Then crawl back into your hole where you came from" one grunted and pulled out to strike. I pulled out my dagger and could barely fend off the blade. "Please. For today I only need a place to sleep and to eat something, then you'll get rid of me again" I asked and immediately I heard the host behind me "For Drow, 1 Platinum", but I didn't turn around to him and started to walk carefully, always looking to the swordtails, back to the door. I tore them open and fled to the nearby forest. Apparently they are not following me. So I thought, "Hunt something down again and look for a cave".

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