Date: Kythorn 23, 1360 DR

:: 2 minutes, 34 seconds

I really need a decent bath. The little river that flows through the wood is unsatisfactory and too cold. In addition, I feel observed, which is why I only did one small wash at a time.

After I broke off the small camp, I went on and it didn't take long until I came across the next village. Hopefully not the same as before, at least the tavern looked very similar to the one from the previous village. When I entered the tavern I saw the same picture as before. Some drunks, a few women, some of whom were very lightly dressed and a bartender with more hair on his face than on his head. I headed straight for him and asked for a room. "You are lucky, young lady. We have only one free room" he replied with a deep, rough voice. He said "3 pieces of gold" shortly afterwards. This time however I did not take off the gloves and fished the coins from the bag. Only good that the currency here seems to be the same as in the underworld. He accepted the coins gratefully and pulled out a key under the counter. "Follow me, I will show you where the room is. Do you also need hot water for a bath?" he asked me with a smile, to which I answered with a nod. "A bath is included in the price" he proudly mentioned, leading me up a few steps and opening a door near the stairs. As he held the key to me, he looked at me with his head slanting and almost whispered, "Please try to be inconspicuous, some guests are not so inclined towards the Drow as I am" I was surprised. Apparently, he was looking at me more than I thought and hoping. I confirmed him with a nod and entered the room. When the bartender closed the door behind me, I took off the mask and hood and took a deep breath before looking around. A small table with chair, a bed and a small, open wardrobe. Very spartan for 3 gold pieces, but better than another night in the forest.

It didn't take long until someone knocked on the door. "Your bath is ready" sounded a young, shy woman's voice. I followed the little brunette into a small room where the bath was deepened in the floor and filled with steaming hot water. "Milady" sounded from the servant who already laid a hand on my robe. I looked at her in surprise, but spread out my arms and let her undress me. She did not answer my question as to whether everyone here would be treated as if they were aristocrats. She constantly directed her gaze to the ground and did not even seem to consider even one look at me. Before I got into the water and leaned back relaxed, I looked at my clothes, which the servant neatly placed on a chair to check if everything was still there. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. "Ah, that feels good"

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