Date: Nightal 22, 1360 DR  18+ content

It took me 14 days until I finally found the dwarf Galder and luckily he had just enough time to take care of the frame. He was very enthusiastic when he heard my name and showed me euphorically that he still had enough of the Mythril he had from my father to forge my frame for me. Besides, he could not resist talking a lot about father. It sounded a bit like admiration.

While I was waiting for the dwarf to make the frame for my crystal, I was approached by a young, attractive Drow who introduced himself as Tarlyn Dyrr and told me about an oasis he found on the surface. He offered to invite me there for a picnic and since I was already a little attracted to him by his unobtrusive flattery, I agreed. So while I was still waiting for my glove, he went shopping. He said that he would prepare a kitchen of humans, because they had lots of fruits that I should definitely try.

When I paid Galder a few hours later for his work and tried on the glove, Tarlyn came back with a huge basket. He led me to his oasis on the surface, which was more than just strange. Because although there was snow everywhere, this place seemed to be untouched by it. Trees and plants grew magnificently, the water in the lake flowed slightly steaming and the sun kept this place warm enough that you could make yourself comfortable with casual clothes. I wonder what kind of magic keeps this place so beautiful?

We talked for a very long time over cheese, grapes, bread, ham and wine, until he came up with the idea of going swimming at dusk. »But I didn't bring any things to swim with me« I said in surprise, after which he just came with »So what? I don't either« and took his clothes off. The more this black-haired Drow undressed, the more attracted I was to him. I shook my head slightly, whispered »What kind of thoughts are these?« bit my lower lip and kept watching him. As he slowly climbed into the lake, stark naked, I began to slowly and unsteadily undress down to my underwear.

»That'll have to do« I called over to him, whereupon he turned around to me, the red in his face even with his dark skin tone becoming apparent and stammering »Yes, definitely«. I went into the lake and swam towards him »And now?« I asked him, whereupon he took me in his arms and started kissing over my neck. »What are you doing?« I asked him, not realizing that he was pushing me to a place where I could easily stand. »Don't you like it?« »I didn't say that« I whispered softly, my head tilted to one side. When he pressed his hip against mine, I felt very clearly what was going on with him. While he fumbled around with my panties and his fingers lightly brushed over my labia time by time, I sighed comfortably, even if slightly insecure. I wanted to be on the safe side and carefully grabbed his crotch, whereupon he sighed comfortably, pushed my panties aside and lifted me up. I clung on to his neck and could only bring out a quiet »wait, slowly« when I felt his member penetrate me. After the first, slight pain was over I gave myself completely to the act and enjoyed it.

When we went back to the picnic I lay on the blanket exhausted. Shortly afterwards I heard a rustling in one of the bushes near the square and jumped up. Reflexively I slipped back into my clothes and looked for my staff. »What are you doing?« I asked Tarlyn, who was swinging my staff a few meters away from me. »What do you think? There's a bounty on your head and on your sister and I'm going to get half of it« When I was about to charge at him, something took hold of my cape, tore me backwards and hit me on the back of my head, making me fall forward. I rolled on my back and saw a 7-foot Tiefling swinging straight at me with a sword, which I was just able to avoid and re-position myself. »We need her alive, you idiot« I heard Tarlyn shouting to the Tiefling, who only reacted grumpy with a »I don't care« before he struck again with his sword and caught me in the leg. I moved further back and watched the Drow and the Tiefling, who came, grinning cunningly, towards me. »Without your staff you are obviously not so strong anymore, aren't you?« Tarlyn mocked me, who obviously didn't know what the crystal on my glove was for. I reached my right hand for the staff and saw that the Drow was struggling to hold onto it; it obviously wanted to come to me. But he was able to hold on and while I concentrated on my staff, I didn't notice that the Tiefling was getting close enough to send me, with a punch to my face, to the ground. As he grabbed me with his paws on my side, I tried to roll away, causing him to slip and cut his claws through my flesh. While I was dealing with the Tiefling, the Drow had time enough to approach me from behind with his baton and knock me down with a blow on my head.

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