Date: Nightal 8, 1360 DR

We had been back in the village for some time and apparently I gained the trust of many a person after I brought the child back. Even the child still followed me for a while, for whatever reason. I didn't get the promised 20 gold pieces but it was enough to buy a small, finely cut crystal from a travelling merchant.
In the small appartment, which was made available to me in gratitude for saving the child, I tried to tie the crystal to my staff, as mother once showed me. »Why couldn't I pay more attention to her« I grumbled and tried it a fourth time, whereupon the violet crystal shone in bright white light, shattered at one edge and started glowing softly purple. I started to laugh, but quickly stopped again when I realized that I must sound like a lunatic. While I wrapped the crystal around my hand with a cloth, I removed myself from my staff, turned around after a few meters and directed my hand with the crystal towards the staff. »Come on« I prayed and thought only that the staff should come to me, but it didn't. Frustrated, I started to unwrap the cloth and just at the moment when crystal became partially visible, my staff flew towards me and hit me on the head. »Vith nindol shu« I cursed loudly and took a closer look at the crystal while I could see in the corner of my eye how Nimri was rolling on the floor laughing. »The connection is already broken by a simple cloth?« I murmured softly to myself and raised one eyebrow.

I thought about what a decent glove would look like, and since it contained metal, I wanted to visit the dwarf Galder, who already forged the daggers Miara and I own. Only from him I will get the quality I want.

When I came out of the house fully packed, this child came running towards me and clutched around my waist. »Can't you stay here and protect us?« she asked into my clothes. After she detached from me, it held a drawing out to me, which represented a small lizard on closer inspection. Judging by the color and shape I assumed that it was probably meant to be Nimri. I kneeled down to the girl and took the painting thankfully with me. »I promise I will come back« I assured the child, wiping her a tear away. Before I set off south, I saw Nimri running towards the girl with a flower in his mouth and dropping it at her feet. She picked it visibly touched up and stroked Nimri's back with a finger before he crawled up to my shoulder and made himself comfortable.

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