Date: Alturiak 10, 1361 DR

»Your damned messenger has surely gotten lost« the Tiefling shouted to Tarlyn, »The Drow costs us nothing but food and patience. She is rebellious, uncooperative and she spits on us every time we get close enough.« - »Sounds like the perfect woman for you« Tarlyn mocked the Tiefling, who then made noises as if he was going to be sick.

I could hardly keep my eyes open and fell asleep briefly every now and then, but the spikes they attached to the clamps of the chains and the fork they had attached to my neck had kept me awake for days. When I looked up briefly, I saw a man with pure white wings and a softly glowing aura standing in front of my cell door looking at me. I have heard of the Aasimar, but I've never seen one before. It was said that they were actually very peaceful. When he disappeared, all I heard was a short »Who are you?« from the Tiefling before a bright light briefly flooded the corridor and the Minion flew past my cell door as if he had gotten his well-deserved kick. Besides the breaking of glass bulbs, the shattering of steel against stone, and the smashing of larger objects, one could hear the battle cries of the Tiefling and Tarlyn, to the groans of both as they apparently hit the ground.
After the scuffle was apparently over, someone opened the dungeon and came towards me. I closed my eyes before he came out of the shadows and whispered faintly »Leave me alone, I have nothing to say to you« while I pulled the chains in an attempt to keep him away from me. »Calm down, I only want to help you« he said softly, took me in his arms and loosened my chains before he put me on the floor to nurse my wounds. His hands that he put on my wounds felt warm and I could feel a soothing energy that seemed to flow through them into my body. »Everything will be okay again« he seemed to keep trying to calm me down with his smoky voice before he lifted me up.

He took me to a young woman who seemed to be his sister, even though they bore little resemblance. The last I heard from him was »Please take very good care of her, little sister. She's been through a lot.« - »But Ykril. She is a Drow and pregnant on top of that« - »That's not important Sunih!«
»By the gods, what has the cat dragged in?« it suddenly came from another male voice, whereupon the Aasimar, obviously Ykril, only annoyed replied »Now stop it, both of you. She needs help and won't get any if not from us.« – »All right, all right, take her to the guest room, I'll prepare warm water and clear towels« the young woman finally gave in.

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