Date: Alturiak 10, 1361 DR – Ykril POV

OT: This contribution describes the events from Alturiak 10, 1361 DR from the view of Ykril Rëihlar

It seemed to be a quiet day. No guild was calling because someone broke his arm again and there was nothing to do at the farm. When I was about to make coffee, a small blue lizard sat on our kitchen table and ran excitedly towards me and away from me again. It seemed as if he wanted to show me something, so I followed him and was amazed at the speed the little one was going. It seemed to be very important to him.

He led me into a small prison vault with just 3 cells. The small one stopped in front of one of these cells. As I looked inside the cell, I found a beautiful Drow with pitch black eyes that gave me a poisonous look. Judging by her condition, she has been chained there for a while and she seems to be pregnant.

But before I could get her out of there, I first had to take care of the voices that talked to each other a little further. I approached carefully and looked around the corner. A Tiefling and a Drow. If my guild finds that out, I'm screwed. ›No interfering in the affairs of the races of the Underdark‹ came straight to my head. My gaze wandered briefly to the cell over the small one on my shoulder, whose gaze seemed to express a concern better than I had ever seen in any creature, again to the two men who started making fun of the Drow. But before they could say much, I stepped forward and spread my wings. An old friend once showed me how I could dazzle my opponents with a blindingly bright light and flood the room with light just at the moment the Tiefling got his two-handed sword.

From then on it was easy for me to switch them off and accidentally kicked a Minion through the hallway. I opened the cell of the Drow and slowly approached her.
»Leave me alone, I have nothing to say to you« came faintly from her, tugging at the chains as I approached her. »Calm down, I only want to help you« I tried to calm her down, kneeled down in front of her and took her in my arms so that she would not fall to the ground when I free her from the chains.
›She is so beautiful‹ I thought for a moment when I saw her lying on the floor in front of me, before I healed her wounds with small healing spells. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything for the child inside her, whose heartbeat seemed to be very weak.

This little lizard always had me in its sights and kept pressing its head against the Drow. I wondered what connection the two must have had that the little one ran all the way to our farm for her. He seemed to have no magic at all. Maybe the Drow keep these little things as pets?

I brought her and her equipment, which I found on a table outside her cell, to our farm in hope that my sister Sunih could help her.
»But Ykril... She is a Drow and pregnant too« Sunih said dismissively
»By the gods, what has the cat dragged in?« added my brother Zalen
»Now stop it, both of you. She needs help and will get none if not from us« I tried to rebuke them.
Sunih gave in, and after I laid the Drow on the bed in the guest room, gently wiped the blood from her lips and dried her tears, Zalen arrived with a letter
»A courier has just brought it. The guild demands that you report to them immediately«

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