Date: Alturiak 15, 1361 DR  18+ content

I had been lying in this bed for several days, mostly unconscious or lethargic, and was always woken by a furry little quadruped that always chasing Nimri across the room. Sinah, the sister of my rescuer Ykril, didn't talk much and skillfully ignored my questions about the Aasimar. Although she had initially expressed concern, she still seemed to care about me.
When I was alone in the room, I tried to sit up and gently grabbed my slightly swollen belly. »I don't want this baby« I started to murmur shakily. I checked my body, especially the places where I was cut deeply and the wounds tore open again and was amazed that the wounds had healed completely and not even scars remained. After I got up, I felt a stabbing pain in my stomach and saw an unusual amount of blood running down my leg. I cried out in pain for a moment and then to the floor where I curled up and before I knew it, Sinah was kneeling next to me and calling for Zalen, her brother, to bring water and towels. »What's wrong?« I asked her shakily and got a short »You are giving birth - way too early« as an answer, while she helped me onto the bed. After several painful hours, it was finally over and I could breathe normally again and closed my eyes.

When I woke up again, Nimri was sleeping next to my head and Sinah was sitting on the edge of the bed. »Ah, you're awake« she started quietly »I was not sure if you would survive the blood loss« she continued while I sat up. She looked at me and began to stammer slightly »Your child didn't make it« and took my hand. But I just did not know what to feel. On the one hand it would have been my flesh and blood, on the other hand an unwanted bastard child and put my free hand on my stomach.

We sat on the bed in silence for a few minutes before Sinah jumped up »You must be close to starvation. I only hope you can tolerate the food here« and disappeared from the room without further ado. I had to put up with such side blows for a while. I shook my head briefly and looked at the slumbering Nimri »We have to get out of here« I whispered to him »Even though she seems to care about me, she can hardly hide her resentment. I straightened up and leaned against the wall so that I wouldn't fall down again and looked for my clothes, but only found my weapons. When Sinah hardly entered the room with a tray again, I tried to cover myself shamefully and lost my balance. This time, however, she took her time and put the tray down comfortably before she helped me up again »You need a few more days and you'll stay in bed for that long« she said demanding and threw a silent »I promised Ykril« in addition while she pushed the tray onto my lap.

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