Date: Alturiak 20, 1361 DR

The longer I lay around, the more my resentment rose against those who did this to me. If only Miara were here. She would make short work of those, just like she did at the academy. »Why did this Aasimar actually let them alive?« I asked quietly in the direction of Nimri while, still slightly weakened, I crawled out of bed and slipped into the dress Sinah had prepared for me. Wistfully I stuffed my broken armor into my backpack and muttered »I look ridiculous". If they would paint me white and trim my ears, I could pass as a human. Besides, it pressed unpleasantly in the chest area.
When I tried to climb out the window, I whistled »Come on little friend« shortly after Nimri

Since I couldn't go into the underworld with this outfit, Nimri and I first made our way to the next bigger city to look for a tailor. But it took us a few hours, because Sinah lived on a farm far away and the next bigger civilization was not even visible on the horizon.

A few hours west we found a town called »Paford«. It was not a metropolis, but the houses and roads were all made of stone. But the way to the tailor was more than unpleasant. In the blue/white dress of Sinah I was apparently more conspicuous than in my purple cape. I didn't understand why everyone looked at me as if they were about to attack me, especially the women, since I wasn't even the only Drow in town.
So after I got everything from the tailor, I retreated as soon as possible to the next tavern, which was called »The Lazy Gypsy«, not very inviting, but seemed to be the only one.

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