Date: Hammer 3, 1361 DR

A few days ago I awoke chained up in a tiny, mouldy dungeon. The skeletal remains of a carcass lay nearby - clearly my previous tenant's luck failed him. Raising my head, my eyes swept through the room. In the dim light, the gleam of my weapons caught my eye, scattered upon the table just outside of my barred cell. Low murmurs reached my ears. The Tiefling. And his disgusting little minion.

When the voices got louder, I passed out. Judging by the footsteps and the creaking of the gate, they entered the room and seemed to pattern me. »Do you think they'd buy the Drow as a slave?« the Minion asked his master, who apparently just grumbled. »Otherwise we'll just keep her. As a toy and« he went on and briefly paused »other pleasures« it sounded excitedly from him. »I'll give you other pleasures right away« I hissed indignantly at the little bastard, whereupon the Tiefling only began to laugh.

When I felt one of this Minion's chunky fingers caressing my thighs, I opened my eyes wide and tried to shake him off. As I pinched on this small, rutting drooling, Minion, he wiped back jerkily. How would I love it to kick this lecher across the room, but due to the lack of decent food and the ordeals they inflicted on me, I was too weak and a spell around the dungeon prevented me from doing magic. Not even my wounds had been bandaged and every time they started to heal they tore them open again. »Stand down« Tarlyn asked the Minion »We will not sell her as a slave, nor will we keep her!« Tarlyn continued »Descendants of the Zarethi want her, dead or alive. And alive, she'll bring us twice as much.«

»Greedy hypocrite« I grumbled softly at the thought of this Drow, while this Minion rubbed my leg again. »Get lost you worm« I shouted to him, which he also followed by running to his master. »Master?« he started with his squeaky voice, running after the Tiefling, »I think the Drow is pregnant« »I am what?« I muttered surprised and desperate at the same time and looked down on me »I'm not ready for that« I whispered shakily and only noticed Tarlyn when I saw his boots. »Oh, we could start our own house« he said enthusiastically while the Minion tried to explain to the Tiefling that he would smell that on me. »It's just a pity it's not worth 500 gold pieces to me« Tarlyn continued, whereupon he heard only a »lucky me«. If the chains wouldn't hold me back, he would suffer from lack of oxygen now, but I could only produce a few small, harmless sparks. »You can be temperamental after all« he laughed as he took a step backwards »Untie me and I'll show you my temperament« I growled at him, whereupon he only turned around laughing and went to the Tiefling outside the dungeon »When will the sent of the house finally arrive? I want my gold« Tarlyn asked impatiently »I don't know, it was your messenger cattle, not mine!«

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