Date: Mirtul 1, 1361 DR

:: 3 minutes, 23 seconds

It took me a few moons to follow the tracks they left behind. At least the Tiefling didn't make much effort. There were wanted poster of him in every major city. 2000 gold pieces on him, alive. In contrast, the 500 that were on me looked puny and insulting. But I only wanted him dead, even if I miss the bounty.
After many conversations in taverns and on marketplaces, I found a dwarf in ›Duleduhr‹ at the Underdark, who could give me exact directions to where this Tiefling was hiding.
A few thousand steps further, I could already hear his voice from a sinus, when a small Minion with a handful of food ran past me, stopped for a moment, seemed to sniff and then ran on. If that was his, I hope he did not recognize me. I sneaked up behind him until I could see the Tiefling, too. Yes, that was him. Angrily, I grabbed my staff harder and kept watching him. He seemed to be alone with his Minion, working on a workbench.
As I slowly approached, I could hear another voice. Very rough, almost sounded like a heavy drinker. I took cover again and waited.

»Tell me Ebrus, what actually became of this black-eyed Drow? What was her name again? Naldela?« the smoky voice began
»Shut up« hissed the Tiefling »I already told you that Tarlyn is looking for her and that damned Aasimar.«
»This babe really did it to you« the laughter started
»Be quiet« whereupon a bottle seemed to smash shortly afterwards »She is still a child. We will find her.«

I looked briefly out of my cover and saw next to the Tiefling an approx. 1.90m tall male, with shorn head and free, scarred, muscular upper body. One blow from him should be enough to take my picture for hours. But when the Tiefling went on about how much he would have liked to tear off my clothes and let his Minion take a shot, it was too much for me. Angrily I left my cover and stormed towards them. On my way to them my vision faded. Instead of seeing them as usual, I could sense their aura. I felt energy flowing through me and strengthening me. However, when I aimed my staff at the human, I seemed to swing a whip of energy at him, which bound him and with a short jerk I seemed to float faster towards him. After I kicked him, he fell back, hit his head on the wall and knocked himself unconscious to the ground. Reflexively, I wiped the dagger stroke of the Tiefling, swung the whip around his legs and brought him down. Grumbling angrily, I sat on him with my knees on his arms, held his head by his horns and put a thumb on his eye. »Where is Tarlyn?« I shouted at him, while exerting light pressure on his eye »Where is he?« I didn't know what got into me, but somehow I enjoyed it, even though I couldn't control my body. As if I was being controlled by someone else.
»He is looking for you« it came tearfully from the Tiefling »but I don't know where he is. And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you!« it seemed to come out of him more confident again. I approached his face while pulling my dagger out of its shaft and sniffed at him closely. I could literally smell his fear. »Then you are worthless to me« and before I rammed the dagger into his neck, I let my tongue wander over his lips and gave him a gentle kiss.

I sat down on the lap of the human, laid my head slightly tilted and waited until he woke up again. »Yoo-hoo. This babe is here.« came briefly from me, and just as he was about to make a startled stand, I rammed my dagger through his jaw into his head and watched amusedly as the dagger's flashes briefly lit up his eyes and open mouth.

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