Facts and Spoiler

With "Facts and Spoiler" I want to give you more view into, on what I'm working on and facts, that aren't written down yet, like facts about the characters height, weight, and so on or spoilers for the next chapter of Naldelas adventures I'm writing on.
This category will be served directly from my notes I write on notes.bka.li.

[Spoiler] Flamerule 5, 1361DR

[…] I was just sitting at the table, a young Tiefling with a tight top and a small brown jacket jumped around me, whose energy seemed to be endless and didn't even let me answer…

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Uktar 18 - 20, 1360DR [From Nimris view]

> OT: This contribution describes the events between [Uktar 18, 1360DR](https://teleyal.blog/journal/1360dr-uktar-18) and [Uktar 20, 1360DR](https://teleyal.blog/journal/1360dr-uktar-20)…

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Characterfacts: Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal

Her second name was the name of her maternal grandmother Isur'Ra Baivneth. She can speak Drow incl. sign language (learned from her mother), common (learned from her father), elven…

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