The House of Teleyal is an unofficial house with the only members Faral, Cadran, Naldela, and Miara with a cottage near the Dark Lake outside of Menzoberranzan. Cadran built the house in 1313 DR with local Zurkhwood because Faral was already awaiting Naldela, and he didn't want to risk further travels.

Cadran Teleyal

Raised in the lower class, Cadran was used to hard work and poor treatment. But he wanted to remain more than just an insignificant figure and therefore decided to start an adventure that no one from his town dared to do yet.
He ventured into the depths of the earth to study the Drow of the Underdark for his own recognition in the pages of history. There he fell in love with Faral'Ra Baivneth, a renowned alchemist and master of fire magic.

Compared to Faral's 312 years, Cadran was a very young man of only 36, with little life experience, and despite his height of 1.81m (5ft 11in) and superior strength, he was always inferior to Faral in their games of dominance.

Cadran died in 1346 of lung disease, caused by spores of native fungi trees, with an age of 71 years in the circle of the family.

Faral'Ra Teleyal - Born Baivneth

Faral'Ra Teleyal, born Baivneth, was a renowned alchemist and master of fire magic in Sshamath and taught at the School of Elemental Magic the use of Kyone veldrin with magical support. She grew up well cared in the middle class of Sshamath and enjoyed an unprecedented close combat training with Nym Mlezziir due to the excellent relationship of her parents to the house Mlezziir. Her height of 1.67m (5ft 5.7in), unusually small for a Drow, served her well in close combat, and she was considered undefeated in fighting matches in Sshamath.

Faral was so carelessly fascinated by Cadrans youthful willingness to learn that she married him in 1313 DR despite the expected banishment. The word of their marriage soon spread, and they were exiled from Sshamath.
Her parents were publicly executed on Ches 21, 1314 DR (21.03.1314) because they supported their daughter's relationship with a human instead of ending it.