Nothing is known about the past of Nimri. What is certain is that he was something different before. Naldela still speculates what he might have been, and based on his behavior she estimates that he was a male human-like being.
When he meets Naldela on her way to the surface he is starving and so grateful that she gave him something to eat that he started to follow her out of guilt. But his feelings of guilt turned into love very quickly and to prove it to her he steals a bag full of cave crickets, which are Naldelas favourite sweets, on market places every now and then. His feelings towards her make him very caring and he is very quickly worried when she is not well.

When they later meet Ykril and he notices that she has clear feelings for Ykril, he gets very jealous and attacks him on several occasions, even though he would never have a chance to win a fight.

Nimri's strongest ability is his caring. After copying a few minor skills of Naldela's storm magic, he often goes fishing by electrifying himself to stun fish and proudly bring them to her.

Race: Bewitched Lizard
Bewitched before: 1 cycle (21.03.1359 DR)
Eye color: Green
Length: ~12cm
Height: ~5cm
Weight: 85g
Most conspicuous character trait: Crazy, crush on Naldela