Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal

Her father was Cadran Teleyal, a human and unknown explorer.
Cadran ventured into the depths of the earth to study the Drow of the underdark for his own recognition in the pages of history. There he fell in love with Faral'Ra Baivneth, a renowned alchemist and master of storm magic.
Compared to her 312 cycles, Cadran was very young man of only 36, with little life experience. Faral was so carelessly fascinated by his youthful willingness to learn that she married him in 1313 DR despite the expected banishment. The word of their marriage soon spread and they were exiled from Sshamath. One year later, on the 21st day of the 3rd month 1314 DR, Naldela was born.

At a young age, Naldela proved an extraordinary pupil of storm magic. Faral herself took over the training of her daughter over many years, during which her father died of old age after 103 cycles in the circle of the family. With the loss of her father and role model she struggled with high levels of aggression and determination, forever altering her abilities.
The loss of her mother in 1360 DR drove her into further turmoil. Her emotional instability changed her powers in Kyone veldrin causing then to twist and distort, but they did not lose any of their potency.
She is very shy, most times reserved and only trusts personal information to a few individuals.

Only known are superficial information such as:

  • Favourite colour: Black
  • Favourite flower: Nightshade
  • Favourite drinks: Gorgondy wine, Samman and Tea

In contrast to the usual Drow, she has a lighter skin color and pitch-black eyes, which give off a soft, purple sheen, when the sun hits them.


Available skills as of current date (1360/1361 DR)

Gust of wind

Words for execution: Su'aco
Effect: Creates a strong gust of wind in the direction in which it points the staff.


Words for execution: Ssuth
Effect: Sprinting forward in energy form. The energy form ends after the target position is reached. Depending on the ability of the caster, fixed obstacles can be penetrated.

Lightning strike

Words for execution: Zotreth
Effect: Summoning a single, targeted lightning strike.

Magic Armor

Words for execution: Faer ky'ostal
Effect: The performing mage is protected by a Magic Armor.
Duration: 60s

Lightning Whip

Words for execution: Elgluth
Effect: Summon a lightning bolt that can be swung like a whip.
Side Effect: No mana consumption
Duration: Mage needs to cancels the summoning
Disadvantage: Only usable in rage

Not learned yet

Chain Lightning

Words for execution: Sluda nizzre'
Effect: Summon a lightning bolt from the position of the mage, which jumps from one target to the next, maximum 3.
Side effect: Weaker with every new hit.

Lightning Flood

Words for execution: Nizzre' ulkund
Effect: Summon involuntarily lightning strikes in a target area with a small radius.

Lightning Form

Words for execution: Nizzre' meun
Effect: Temporary transformation into a form of energy
Side Effect: Damages environment around 5 feet of the mage, high consumption of mana
Duration: 60s

Storm Rage

Words for execution: Maral kor'inth
Effect: Summoning a cyclone with wind speeds up to 60m/s as well as random lightning and rain.
Side Effect: Very high mana consumption, damages everyone in the area of action.
Duration: Until the mana pool is exhausted or the mage cancels the summoning
Disadvantage: Only usable in rage

MMORPG based lore


If I had to describe her personality in a song, the best match would give Blood Moon from End Of Silence feat. Alexa Ray It starts with a romantic part, followed by strength, determination and steadfastness, what describes best her sense for romance and love, but as well as her trained, powerfull skill as storm mage.

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